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About Theramax Rehab

Theramax Rehab is the brainchild of Tanya Krishna, a professional physical therapist based in Texas with over 12 years of experience in practical kinesiology and patient rehabilitation. Throughout her career, Tanya has earned an excellent reputation for her ability to accurately diagnose a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders. Their intelligent analysis is supported by comprehensive interventions that address the causes of bodily dysfunction and the environmental and lifestyle factors that exacerbate these problems.

Theramax Home Services

Mobile Physical Therapy for Housebound Patients

If an injury or medical condition makes it difficult for you to seek out professional treatment at a purpose-built out-patient facility, then we can help.
Our at-home physical therapy services bring the same standard of expert guidance and personalized care right to your doorstep.
Theramax’s mobile physical therapists work with clients across Plano, McKinney, Frisco, and Allen Texas, providing ongoing therapeutic exercise, education, and other forms of passive rehabilitation to help each individual achieve maximum possible functionality and mobility.

How You Benefit

Start Recovering Early

While you may not be well enough to start visiting an out-patient facility, at-home physical therapy can begin soon after a hospital discharge.
We can assign an experienced specialist to take over your recovery from this point, so that you are able to get a headstart on flexibility, endurance, and strength training. Ultimately, this will help to ensure that you can return to your daily activities as soon as possible.


With a mobile physical therapist, you won’t need to worry about rearranging your life around your rehabilitation. Our representative will work with you to find an optimal schedule that caters to your lifestyle and personal preferences.


Whether you’re an inpatient or an out-patient, at the end of the day your physical therapy still aims to provide patients with the tools to return to their regular life with minimal pain and functional limitations.
By integrating your therapeutic exercise and passive treatments in a real-world environment, you can understand how to apply techniques and resources in a more independent manner.

Personalized Care

Our physical therapists create treatment plans based on their understanding of each client’s current level of mobility, flexibility, and severity of impairment.
An at-home specialist can better recognize your needs as they will have a full knowledge of your lifestyle and living conditions. Based on this information, they will be able to deliver even more effective care that is suited to your requirements.

At-Home Physical Therapy is Recommended For -

  • Stroke patients
  • Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease
  • Patients with multiple sclerosis
  • Patients recovering from heart attack or cardiac arrest
  • Patients recovering from major surgeries (hip, knee replacement)
  • Patients that have suffered traumatic injuries